Dancing chromosomes

In human cells, the genetic material is packaged into 23 different DNA molecules, the chromosomes. Each chromosome is present in two copies, one inherited from the paternal sperm, and the other from the maternal egg. During most of the cell’s life, chromosomes take the shape of long,…

By Mehdi Khadraoui

Picture of the week

Judith Reichmann receives Paul Ehrlich prize

Judith Reichmann will receive this year’s Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for Young Researchers…

By Mathias Jäger

Lab Matters

Building Euro-BioImaging

EMBL’s Jan Ellenberg reflects on the process of forming a European research infrastructure…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


Integrating imaging research across Europe

Euro-BioImaging now established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

Tracking the beginning of life

All mammalian life starts with the fusion of egg and sperm, resulting in the creation of a single cell called a zygote. This develops into an embryo through a series of cell divisions, in which the number of cells doubles at each step. Todays’ Picture of the Week was taken by Manuel Eguren of the…

By Doreen Feike

Picture of the week

A dynamic protein atlas of a human cell. IMAGE: Aleksandra Krolik/EMBL

First interactive model of human cell division

Real-time tracking of proteins during mitosis is now possible using a 4D computer model…

By Iris Kruijen


Artistic 3D rendering of the dual spindle in the mammalian zygote. IMAGE: Cartasiova, Hossain, Reichmann, Ellenberg/EMBL

Parental chromosomes kept apart during first division

Mammalian life begins differently than we thought…

By Iris Kruijen


An artist’s representation of the shrinking holes and expanding pores that form in the nuclear membrane of cells during mitosis

Cells grow pores from shrinking holes

New research shows how pores form in the membrane that surrounds a cell’s nucleus…

By Sarah B. Puschmann


Watching nuclear pores in growing nuclei

Puzzle of nuclear pore formation in growing nuclei solved…

By Laura Howes


Both the John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson Awards consist of a gold medal and a cash prize of €5,000, presented in recognition of the very special work of alumni. PHOTO: EMBL Photolab

Alumni awards

EMBL rewards the special work of alumni through the John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson awards.…

By Mehrnoosh Rayner



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