cell membrane

Older male scientist stands in front of machinery in a blue-lit room

Coronavirus vaccine uses EMBL’s earliest virus research

EMBL alumnus Kai Simons did early work with Semliki Forest virus membranes, which is now central to a COVID-19…

By Ivy Kupec


The image is a green coloured cell, with a wild and textured surface which is composed of many different shapes and shadows.

Scratching the surface on cell differentiation

Scientists in the Diz-Muñoz group at EMBL Heidelberg are working to build understanding of the role that mechanical properties play in affecting…

By Edward Prior


Look at these curves!

The image shown here is a 3D-rendering created by Julian Hennies from the Schwab…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

The cell that isn’t

This may look like yet another video of a dividing cell, but there’s a catch. You are looking at chromosomes (red) being pulled apart by the…

By Guest author(s)


The closest look ever at native human tissue

Seeing proteins in their natural environment and interactions inside cells has been a longstanding goal. Using an advanced microscopy technique…

By Guest author(s)



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