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The proteotype of an individual is substantially affected by both its sex and its diet.

Sex and diet affect proteotype

EMBL scientists have discovered that the proteome is substantially affected by both sex and diet

By Mathias Jäger


Architectural comparison of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii NPC (left) and the human NPC (right). IMAGE: Shyamal Mosalaganti/EMBL

Algal nuclear pore complex revealed

EMBL scientists reveal NPC architecture of algae

By Berta Carreño


Architecture dependent turnover of the nuclear pore subunits. Top row shows the nuclear pore subunits seen from top, bottom row shows subunits of the nuclear pore cut in half.

Life and death of proteins

EMBL scientists create a turnover catalogue of almost 10.000 proteins from primary cells

By Berta Carreño


Watching nuclear pores in growing nuclei

Puzzle of nuclear pore formation in growing nuclei solved

By Laura Howes


Paris at night. IMAGE: NASA (M. Justin Wilkinson, Texas State University, Jacobs Contract at NASA-JSC)

Life in the periphery

Storage of pre-made nuclear pores allows for rapid cell division in fruit fly embryos

By Margaux Phares


Revealing structure of nuclear pore’s inner ring

First detailed structural description of all the rings of nuclear pores

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Checkpoint architecture

A nuclear pore riddle: how can you use the same number of pieces to form two rings that fit inside each other?

By Dan Jones


The scientists combined data from a variety of techniques to better understand how rats – and humans – age. IMAGE: Brandon Toyama/Salk Institute

Ages apart

Multifaceted approach reveals how brain and liver age, helps explain why ageing brain loses plasticity.

By Sonia Furtado Neves



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