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Artistic representation of the structure of the three proteins forming Integrator’s catalytic core.

At the core of the Integrator complex

A new paper from the Galej group at EMBL Grenoble describes the structure of key parts of the Integrator complex, involved in gene…

By Mylène André


Snowy mountains behind functional buildings. The Moon is up in the sky.

First powder over EMBL Grenoble

The first snowflakes have fallen on the Vercors Mountains, right behind the EMBL Grenoble building, and an almost full moon is showing up during a…

By Mylène André

Picture of the week

Circular beamline building, surrounded by illuminated Grenoble city in the evening and the alps in the background.

Upgraded beamlines at EMBL Grenoble unveiled

The beamlines run jointly by EMBL Grenoble and the ESRF reopen today, unveiling significant upgrades that exploit the brand new fourth generation…

By Mylène André




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