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Self-organisation in multicellular systems

Open positions

Joining the lab

We are looking for talented students (PhD or Master) and postdoctoral researchers, across disciplines, to join us.

Applicants for post-doctoral positions

As an interdisciplinary lab, we are looking for postdoctoral candidates from diverse background ranging from biochemistry, cell and developmental biology to applied physics, computation and mathematics. Current projects include understanding patterning in embryonic organoids from mouse and zebrafish with an aim to gain insights into fundamental modes of metazoan development. We welcome candidates with expertise in experiments, computational modeling or instrumentation (or all!). The successful candidate is expected to take a strong lead on his/her project and start to develop independent ideas that can potentially define new research directions.

For applications, please contact Vikas Trivedi by email and attach your CV and a short description of your research interests.

Applicants for PhD positions

Students will have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to an interdisciplinary lab atmosphere where they will be exposed to a range of experimental and computational tools. We are currently looking for students to work on understanding the process of symmetry-breaking and scaling in organoids, or on the process of axial elongation and emergence of gene expression domains marking the body axes. Candidates with both theoretical and experimental backgrounds are welcome. Selected candidate will work closely with others in the lab with complimentary expertise.

PhD applicants: Please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Master or Bachelor students

Please have a look at the pages for Visitors and Undergraduates and email your CV and a short description of your research interests.

Other Short Term Visitors

The lab is always on the lookout for talented researchers and scientists to discuss and collaborate on new ideas. Please have a look at the pages for Visitors.

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