Trivedi Group

Self-organisation in multicellular systems


MOrgAna: accessible quantitative analysis of organoids with machine learning.

Gritti N, Lim JL, Anlaş K, Pandya M, Aalderink G, Martínez-Ara G, Trivedi V

Development (Cambridge, England) 2021


Studying evolution of the primary body axis in vivo and in vitro.

Anlas K, Trivedi V

eLife 2021


Dynamics of anteroposterior axis establishment in a mammalian embryo-like system.

Anlas K, Gritti N, Oriola D, Arató K, Nakaki F, Lim JL, Sharpe J, Trivedi V



Gastruloids: embryonic organoids from mouse embryonic stem cells to study patterning and development in early mammalian embryos.

Anlas K, Baillie-Benson P, Arató K, Turner DA, Trivedi V

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2020


Rethinking embryology in vitro: a synergy between engineering, data science and theory.

Gritti N, Oriola D, Trivedi V

Developmental biology 2020


Imaging the beating heart with macroscopic phase stamping.

Trivedi V, Madaan S, Holland DB, Trinh LA, Fraser SE, Truong TV,



Arrested coalescence of multicellular aggregates.

Oriola D, Marin-Riera M, Aalderink G, Anlas K, Gritti N, Sharpe J, Trivedi V



linus: Conveniently explore, share and present large-scale biological trajectory data from a web browser.

Waschke J, Hlawitschka M, Anlas K, Trivedi V, Roeder I, Huisken J, Scherf N



Self-organised symmetry breaking in zebrafish reveals feedback from morphogenesis to pattern formation.

Trivedi V, Fulton T, Attardi A, Anlas K, Dingare C, Martinez-Arias A, Steventon B



Tissue 'melting' sculpts embryo.

Lenne PF, Trivedi V

Nature 2018


Multidimensional quantitative analysis of mRNA expression within intact vertebrate embryos.

Trivedi V, Choi HMT, Fraser SE, Pierce NA

Development (Cambridge, England) 2018


Anteroposterior polarity and elongation in the absence of extra-embryonic tissues and of spatially localised signalling in gastruloids: mammalian embryonic organoids.

Turner DA, Girgin M, Alonso-Crisostomo L, Trivedi V, Baillie-Johnson P, Glodowski CR, Hayward PC, Collignon J, Gustavsen C, Serup P, Steventon B, P Lutolf M, Arias AM

Development (Cambridge, England) 2017


Hyperspectral phasor analysis enables multiplexed 5D in vivo imaging.

Cutrale F, Trivedi V, Trinh LA, Chiu CL, Choi JM, Artiga MS, Fraser SE

Nature methods 2017


Spatio-Temporal Differences in Dystrophin Dynamics at mRNA and Protein Levels Revealed by a Novel FlipTrap Line.

Ruf-Zamojski F, Trivedi V, Fraser SE, Trinh le A

PloS one 2015


Dynamic structure and protein expression of the live embryonic heart captured by 2-photon light sheet microscopy and retrospective registration.

Trivedi V, Truong TV, Trinh le A, Holland DB, Liebling M, Fraser SE

Biomedical optics express 2015


Dynamic imaging of the growth plate cartilage reveals multiple contributors to skeletal morphogenesis.

Li Y, Trivedi V, Truong TV, Koos DS, Lansford R, Chuong CM, Warburton D, Moats RA, Fraser SE

Nature communications 2015


Localizing transcripts to single cells suggests an important role of uncultured deltaproteobacteria in the termite gut hydrogen economy.

Rosenthal AZ, Zhang X, Lucey KS, Ottesen EA, Trivedi V, Choi HM, Pierce NA, Leadbetter JR

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2013