Sample Preparation and Characterisation Facility

Services and Resources


Sample optimisation

Screening of solution conditions, thermostability screening by nDSF and DLS to establish homogeneity and identify undesirable aggregation.

Sample preparation

Resources on purification, extraction and solubilization for further biophysical and structural studies. Negative staining and freezing of grids for single particle cryo-EM.

Biophysical characterisation

Design, execution and data analysis of biophysical experiments aimed at the characterization of proteins, protein complexes and interactions between proteins and other types of molecules.

Industrial Services

Full packages including experimental design, measurements, data analysis and consulting on molecular biophysics and structural approaches.

Facility resources

Our facility provides a range of services for structural biology research. Click through the left hand menu for more details. All users are required to undergo training before access to the individual instruments is granted. Fee and restriction may apply. Booking and more information about crystallisation can be found on our SPC crystallisation platform (CRIMS). Biophysical equipment can be booked via iLAB.

For an overview of the services and resources that SPC at EMBL-Hamburg could offer you as an user please consult this guide.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

  • AKTA purifier (GE Healthcare)
  • Dynamic light scattering (Wyatt)
  • VP-ITC (Malvern Panalytical)
  • MicroCal PEAQ-ITC (Malvern Panalytical)
  • ThermoFluor (MyIQ BioRad)
  • Chirascan CD spectrometer (AppliedPhotophysics)
  • Nanodrop 2000 (ThermoScientific)
  • DynaPro Nanostar (Wyatt)
  • SPR T200 (GE Healthcare)
  • Prometheus NT.48 nanoDSF (Nanotemper)
  • Mass photometer (Refeyn)
  • SSM-based electrophysiology (SURFE²R N1)
  • MST NT.115 and LabelFree (Nanotemper)
  • Octet Red96 System (Pall ForteBio)
  • MALDI-TOF (Bruker system with additional Covalex detector)
  • Biomek 4000 Automated Workstation
  • Evolution 350 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • VERTEX 70v FTIR Spectrometer
  • TECAN Spark 20M multimode plate reader
  • SX20 Stopped-Flow Spectrometer
  • Scorpion Screen Builder (ARI)
  • Mosquito-LCP (ttplabtech)
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