Sample Preparation and Characterisation Facility

Sample preparation

The SPC doesn’t provide protein purification service. However users can take advantage of the facility’s resources to purify their protein.


Preparative ultracentrifuges (Beckman, optima XPN-80)

Preparative ultracentrifugation is the method of choice for the isolation of membrane or macromolecular complexes.

Available in the wetlab at EMBL Hamburg under a previous request


  • Maximum speed 80000 (rpm), 548300(RCF)
  • Temperature 5 to 40°C
  • Real-time run graphic

Possible applications:

  • Membrane harvesting and density gradient centrifugation


  • Type 45 Ti Rotor, fixe angle, titanium, 6 x 94ml, 45000 rpm, 235000 x g.
  • Type 42.2 Ti rotor, 42000 rpm
  • Rype 19 (fixed angle rotor), 19000 rpm,
  • SW 60 Ti, (Swinging bucket rotor), 60000 rpm,


AKTA Purifier (GE Healthcare)

Fast protein liquid chromatography is often used to analyze or purify mixtures of proteins. Our FPLC system is located in the cold room and is equiped with a deep well block fraction collector.

Possible applications

  • Protein sample purification on site, SEC
  • Sample clean up before SAXS measurement
  • Equilibration of column prior to SAXS measurment using MALVERN-box

Provided vs not provided:

  • Deep well block are provided for fraction collection
  • Users should provide their own FPLC column and super loop if needed