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Formerly known as European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences

Our inspiring educational experiences share the scientific discoveries of EMBL with young learners aged 10-19 years and teachers in Europe and beyond. We belong to EMBL’s Science Education and Public Engagement office.

Molecular biology is an integral part of life sciences curricula throughout Europe. As life sciences research is moving forward at an enormous pace it is very important to have a clear idea of its true scope and its potential to have dramatic effects on society. 



ELLS TeachingBASE is a collection of molecular biology teaching modules designed for teachers and students, developed by ELLS staff members and EMBL scientists.

The materials are freely available but each module carries a creative commons copyright.

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Focus: Stem Cells

Interactive introduction to stem cells

Topic area:  Cell biology, Developmental biology   Age group:  14-16, 16-19

EMBL Insight Lecture series

Recordings of lectures on current trends in life sciences research

Topic area:  Resource collections   Age group:  16-19

ELLS glossary of biological terms

Definitions of terms related to biology and life sciences research

Topic area:  Resource collections   Age group:  16-19

Focus on: Insulin

Hands-on resource on the biological structure of the insulin molecule

Topic area:  Structural & Computational biology, Cell biology   Age group:  16-19

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GFP treasure hunt

‘Treasure hunt’-style introduction to bioinformatics using the protein GFP

Topic area:  Bioinformatics, Genome biology   Age group:  16-19

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How can you fold a protein?

3D paper model of a TIM barrel-shaped protein

Topic area:  Structural & Computational biology   Age group:  12-14, 14-16, 10-12, < 10

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