Science Education

Formerly known as European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences

Our inspiring educational experiences share the scientific discoveries of EMBL with young learners aged 10-19 years and teachers in Europe and beyond. We belong to EMBL’s Science Education and Public Engagement office.

EMBL school visits

Experiencing authentic life sciences environments is a key component of impactful science learning. The EMBL School Visits Programme offers inspirational, first-hand insights into cutting-edge life sciences research and links those to key topics of the school curriculum.

The new edition of the EMBL school visits programme will offer a hands-on experience of EMBL’s new permanent exhibition: the World of Molecular Biology creates a vibrant, interactive discovery space that celebrates molecular biology with a special focus on the work, people, and technologies of EMBL. The experience will be enriched by classroom materials which can be used to teach STEM topics before and after visiting EMBL.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance.

Please note that we cannot offer any visits to the Heidelberg campus outside the framework of this programme.