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Formerly known as European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences

Our inspiring educational experiences share the scientific discoveries of EMBL with young learners aged 10-19 years and teachers in Europe and beyond. We belong to EMBL’s Science Education and Public Engagement office.

Molecular biology is an integral part of life sciences curricula throughout Europe. As life sciences research is moving forward at an enormous pace it is very important to have a clear idea of its true scope and its potential to have dramatic effects on society. 


Insight Lectures

Since its start in 2003, the EMBL Insight Lecture series has been inspiring thousands of young learners from across the world. Each year, a senior EMBL scientist presents their research on a cutting-edge topic in the life sciences in a lecture specifically designed for a secondary school student audience.

We invite young learners aged 16 to 19 to attend the virtual event with their school classes or as individuals.

Recordings of the lectures are available on our website. The lectures cover a wide range of life sciences topics, from genomics and neuroscience, to ocean diversity, advances in light microscopy and the study of macromolecules.

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Artistic representation of a hand being formed from merging spheres.

EMBL Insight Lecture 2022

"The shapes of life: modelling how cells self-organise" by Dr. James Sharpe

Cell biology, Structural & Computational biology, Developmental biology  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2021

“Cells, computers and microscopy: how can AI pave the way to scientific discovery?“ by Dr. Anna Kreshuk

Microscopy & Imaging, Structural & Computational biology  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2019

"Ageing and disease - What is the link?" by Professor Dame Janet Thornton

Structural & Computational biology, Bioinformatics  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2018

"Rhythms of Life – how cellular clocks function in development and disease" by Dr. Alexander Aulehla

Developmental biology, Cell biology  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2017

"Seeing is Believing - How Technology enables Structural Biology" by Professor Thomas R. Schneider

Structural & Computational biology, Microscopy & Imaging  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2016

"Genomics and Big Data: Transforming our Understanding of the Processes of Life" by Professor Ewan Birney

Genome biology, Bioinformatics  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2015

"Cell division in focus - imaging an essential step of life" by Dr. Jan Ellenberg

Cell biology, Microscopy & Imaging  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2014

"Why do we do what we do? Exploring the neural basis of emotions" by Dr. Cornelius Gross

Epigenetics & Neurobiology  

EMBL Insight Lecture 2013

"From Code to Function - Observing Protein Synthesis Through the Electron Microscope" by Dr. Christiane Schaffitzel

Microscopy & Imaging, Structural & Computational biology