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Code of Good Practice

Philanthropy is based upon voluntary actions. EMBL is very grateful to all donors for their generous support and is treating donors with the highest level of care and respect.

At the same time EMBL values and safeguards its autonomy and the freedom of inquiry by researchers and staff, and will only accept donations aligning with its five missions: Fundamental research, advanced training, services (to life scientists), technology development, and integration of European research initiatives.

Furthermore, EMBL declares to adhere to the following principles.

We will:

  • Use your donation prudently in the way specified by you.
  • Collect donations without an explicit specification of use in the Director General’s Fund and use them to contribute to EMBL’s mission.
  • Keep you informed about the use of your support at regular intervals.
  • Provide accurate and current information on the use of your donation.
  • Ensure that your support will never be used to advance third party interests.
  • Appropriately acknowledge, recognize and publicize donations in consultation with you.
  • Make every effort to respect your right to privacy and keep your data confidential.

We feel most privileged that you are considering to support EMBL. In case you have any further questions, please contact us at giving@embl.org.