EMBL Imaging Centre

Open access to cutting-edge electron and light microscopy

We provide researchers from Europe and beyond with a synergistic portfolio of imaging services including cryo-EM, super-resolution and intravital microscopy to enable new ground-breaking research that crosses the scales of biology.


Credit: Bildbrauerei.

Access to the most advanced microscopy technologies

Credit: Bildbrauerei.

Sample preparation by expert technical staff

Credit: Bildbrauerei.

Tailored support with image analysis by experts

Credit: Bildbrauerei.

Advanced training of users and facility staff

The EMBL Imaging Centre is providing access to academic and industry users, support their projects from sample preparation to image analysis with expert staff, and offers tailored training opportunities in the highest resolution EM and LM technologies, including academically developed methods not yet commercially available.

We highly recommend to get in touch with our team first if you are interested in our services. We are here to provide technical advice in regards to your project as well as on how to get access.

Access routes and guidelines

All users need to submit a short project proposal. The exact format of that is varying dependent on the access route.

Direct access

  • via EMBL Imaging Centre: For all LM and EM services, if none of the below applies. Applications for our cryo-EM services via this access route should be made using our application form. After a feasibility check by our team, the project will be scientifically evaluation by our Project Evaluation Committee. Read more about the guidelines for access. Users will also need to contribute financially to the running costs of the microscopes (recent rates).

Access via imaging infrastructures and access programmes:

  • Instruct-ERIC: For all electron microscopy services and techniques. Only for researchers from Instruct member countries. Instruct-ERIC can fund the consumables, travel and accommodation for access visits. For more information on what Instruct-ERIC pays for, consult Funding for Access.
  • Euro-BioImaging ERIC: For a broad range of LM and EM services and technologies. EMBL’s imaging services can be openly accessed via the EMBL node of Euro-BioImaging. Dependent on the technology of interest and your affiliation, financial support can be provided.
  • European access programmes: As part of the EMBL INSTRUCT centre and Euro-BioImaging EMBL node, we are offering access via several European access programmes. This includes iNEXT Discovery, and topic-specific ISIDORe, and CanSERV. We highly recommend to get in touch with us, so we can advise you on eligible access routes for your project.
  • Christian Boulin fellowship: The Fellowship support travel and accommodation costs of young scientists visiting EMBL Facilities at the different EMBL sites. Read more.

Industry access

All interested industrial users should contact us directly with their inquiries. We do successfully provide service for several companies and are open to learn more about additional requests.