19 February 2024 Collage of nine pictures with seven photographs showing expedition members sampling and engaging in public outreach activities, and two photos showing EMBL’s new mobile labs.

TREC in 2024: bringing it home

Science The Traversing European Coastlines (TREC) expedition prepares to begin its next phase of sampling, with stops in Spain, Greece, Italy, and beyond.



17 November 2023

TREC – Towards the end of the first phase

Lab Matters The TREC expedition has come to the end of its first phase. The last superstop of 2023 was hosted by CIIMAR in Porto and, despite the adverse weather conditions, included many scientific and public engagement activities.



15 November 2023 A truck bearing the TREC mobile services logo and illustration on its side.

Taking science on the road

EMBLetc With the new advanced mobile laboratory, EMBL is taking its service offerings to new heights, bringing cutting-edge life science technologies to the field in a way never seen before.


5 October 2023 A composite image of four 3D micrographs showing the cellular organelles of a phytoplankton marked in different colours.

Spotlight: Seeing into the seas

Science A new method developed by EMBL scientists can help us identify and investigate plankton species in field samples with greater speed, accuracy, and resolution than ever possible before.



13 September 2023

Exploring Nexus Island

Lab Matters Learn more about the game-based workshop that lets participants experience what it feels like to be a researcher on the TREC expedition.



15 May 2023 Researcher holding two sample bags..

In pictures: the story of TREC

EMBLetc EMBL’s newest expedition attempts to answer some of the biggest questions in planetary biology, and will help scientists find solutions to pressing global concerns.


4 April 2023 A mobile lab on a road, with the TREC logo on the side.

TREC is underway!

Events, Science EMBL’s planetary biology flagship TREC expedition has officially started. The new project applies EMBL's expertise and technologies in molecular and cellular biology to current environmental challenges, and connects with a wide range of research disciplines.



16 November 2022 A woman can be seen collecting samples from the shallow ocean, with mountains in the background

From coast to coast and beyond

EMBLetc EMBL researchers conducted a pilot project in Iceland as the final preparatory step before commencing their journey traversing European coastlines.


11 October 2022 EMBL scientists sampling at the coastline of Iceland in August 2022

Examining life along Iceland’s coasts

Lab Matters The final pilot project in Iceland marked the countdown to the ‘Traversing European Coastlines’ (TREC) expedition to study coastal ecosystems and their response to changes in the environment.



3 June 2021 Illustration of a rocky coastline with sailing boat, mountains, underwater organisms, bridge and factory in the background.

Living laboratories

Science Under the innovative Planetary Biology research theme, EMBL scientists aim to understand life in the context of its environment.



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