Fluorescent microscopic image of fruit fly larva with tubular heart cells in gold and the remainder of image in magenta

Fruit fly with a heart of gold

Not just another pretty fruit fly. This magenta and golden drosophila larva is lit up with a fluorescent molecule to help researchers study heart…

By Ivy Kupec

Picture of the week

Welcome: Jim Swoger

New head of the Mesoscopic Imaging Facility at EMBL Barcelona will help scientists visualise…

By Berta Carreño


Picture Release

What at the first sight could be pictures of planets or other cosmic structures are actually microscope images of balls (cysts) of human kidney…

By Guest author(s)


A clearer view on biology

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has developed a new computational tool that makes images obtained with cutting-edge microscopes even…

By Guest author(s)


The transparent organism

A novel high-tech microscope will be brought to the marketplace, giving laboratories everywhere fascinating new insights into living organisms.…

By Guest author(s)

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