Mouth and gut are highlighted as locations for genetic material compared by scientists

Many gut microbes may originate in the mouth

Many microbes traverse the oral-gut…

By Josh Tapley


Looking for life using geobiology

Meet the organisers of EMBO’s first course on molecular…

By Edward Dadswell


wine label with Patil Group and S. cerevisiae

How wine-making yeast can feed wine-spoiling bacteria

How microbes can create niches for each…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


How bacteria affect your wellbeing

Science and Society event answers controversial questions about gut…

By Katrina Costa


Metagenomics data at EMBL-EBI

Microbiomes: Our humble overlords

What's a microbiome? How on Earth do they…

By Mary Todd Bergman


My microbes

In a nutshell : The gut metagenome is the collection of all the genomes of all the microbes  in the human intestinal tract : it is…

By Guest author(s)


A new tree of life allows a closer look at the origin of species

In 1870 the German scientist Ernst Haeckel mapped the evolutionary relationships of plants and animals in the first ‘tree of life’. Since…

By Guest author(s)


Trees, vines and nets: microbial evolution changes its face

EBI researchers have changed our view of 4 billion years of microbial evolution. Christos Ouzounis and colleagues have gained intriguing quantitative…

By Guest author(s)



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