Four blue circular objects are surrounded with green structures, and the central blue circle with pink structures. The blue circles are human cell nuclei, and pink and green structures are proteins.

Repurposing drugs for a pan-coronavirus treatment

Scientists from the Beltrao Group at EMBL-EBI and collaborators identified drug targets common to SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1, and MERS-CoV, three…

By Vicky Hatch


BRAINCITY is an independent unit at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Poland. PHOTO: Michalj2 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

EMBL partners with BRAINCITY

EMBL begins partnership with Polish centre of excellence for neural plasticity and brain…

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Miltenyi Biotec logo

Miltenyi Biotec becomes new corporate partner

Joining forces to advance training in biomedical research and…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

Silke Schumacher, EMBL Director of International Relations, and Tamás Bíró, HCEMM Director General, at the signing of the Partnership Agreement. PHOTO: NRDI Office, Hungary

New EMBL Partnership in Hungary

EMBL partners with the Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular…

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

PhenoMeNal logo on binary data stream

PhenoMeNal: an online portal for metabolomics

Complex metabolomics analyses in the…

By Oana Stroe


John Kendrew, c. 1978, visits the site of the EMBL main laboratory in Heidelberg. Photo taken by Frieda Glockner (EMBL Archive / DE 2324 P-GLO)

Molecular biology as a force for peace

Historian Soraya de Chadarevian explores how EMBL’s first Director General shaped molecular…

By Sarah B. Puschmann

Lab Matters

Biological samples held in a biobank. (Stock image courtesy of CRG.)

UK Biobank partners with the EGA

Genetic data from a major cohort now distributed via…

By Mary Todd Bergman


Hungary becomes EMBL member state

EMBL welcomes its 23rd member state, with a promising collaboration already in…

By Edward Dadswell

Lab Matters

on course - the comprehensive catalogue for biomedical training in Europe

Toolkit for trainers

The new Toolkit for Trainers, an online resource hosted at EMBL-EBI, helps biomedical science trainers create and explore new ways of…

By Tiia Sahrakorpi

Lab Matters

Open access to large-scale drug discovery data

The Wellcome Trust has awarded £4.7 million (€5.8 million) to EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) to support the transfer of…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

EMBL-EBI and collaborators win bid to run UK PubMed Central

Scientists will be able to access a vast collection of biomedical research at the touch of a button thanks to a major new initiative that aims to…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

ENFIN! Computational systems biology comes to a lab bench near you

The Commission of the European Union has awarded EUR 9 million over five years for a new Network of Excellence that will make computational systems…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


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