Toolkit for trainers

The new Toolkit for Trainers, an online resource hosted at EMBL-EBI, helps biomedical science trainers create and explore new ways of teaching.

on course - the comprehensive catalogue for biomedical training in Europe
on course - the comprehensive catalogue of continuing professional development and training for life scientists in Europe.

Most learning professionals in the biomedical sciences are subject-matter experts who also share their expertise with others, so keeping up with the latest advances in training can be demanding. Some of the biggest challenges include delivering effective online courses, adapting hands-on courses for busy professionals and making the most of public-domain training materials. To ease some of the pressure, the EMBL-EBI Training Programme and EMTRAIN have launched the Toolkit for Trainers: a service to help trainers navigate the ever-changing world of continuing professional development.

The Toolkit for Trainers features a guided search that helps users select the best training strategies based on their own goals and target audience. A ‘learning styles quiz‘ starts to bridge the theoretical and the practical, testing how trainers would handle diverse learning styles they might encounter in the classroom. The service encourages users to provide feedback on the approaches they use, and to share their knowledge with the wider biomedical training community. The site also provides a forum for connecting with other learning professionals.


on-course® is a comprehensive, insightful, Europe-wide education and training resource for biomedical postgraduate education. It is a catalogue that helps professionals select the right course for their career development – a choice that depends on cost, language, location, duration, quality and teaching methods. on-course was created by EMTRAIN, a project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

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