Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports Life Science Alliance

Representatives from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation announced funding to the EMBL to support its collaborative effort with the Stanford University School of Medicine, called the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance.

Signing ceremony. From left to right: Lars Steinmetz (EMBL), Edith Heard (EMBL), Reinhold Geilsdörfer (Dieter Schwarz Foundation). Image: Schupp / EMBL

Facing the challenges of the 21st century together

With this funding, the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance will work to create interdisciplinary, cross-border scientific cooperation that aims to build substantial synergies in addressing the scientific opportunities and challenges in the fields of genomics, computational biology, biological imaging, and structural biology.

The Alliance will promote inter-institutional collaboration with a joint postdoctoral fellowship programme and a researcher exchange programme. In addition, joint events will help bring together the wider life science community to encourage networking and the sharing of new ideas. The cooperation will also benefit the knowledge city of Heilbronn as a research location, where EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance events are planned.

A transatlantic cooperation

The EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance is an inter-institutional research initiative dedicated to promoting science and technology.

The Alliance builds on a number of longstanding collaborations.

“The Alliance builds on a number of longstanding collaborations,” says Edith Heard, Director General of EMBL. “Being able to tap into two world-leading institutions that are doing biological research and that have extensive networks provides a great opportunity to bring together researchers from different fields. The Alliance will also support and promote the global exchange of knowledge and technology.”

Support by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation

“The life science industry is currently experiencing enormous growth – especially in the field of AI research, which will immensely influence and change our future lives,” explains Prof. Reinhold Geilsdörfer, Managing Director for Science at the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. “The international exchange of researchers and scientists must be intensified comprehensively in order to advance life science research and the recognisable advantages for our society in the long term.”

The EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance builds on the strengths of the two institutions. It benefits from the knowledge, technology, resources and training available on both sides of the Atlantic. The Dieter Schwarz foundation is making a financial contribution to this promising concept that will allow the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance to begin a three-year pilot phase and realise its activities.

About the Dieter Schwarz Foundation

Education, science and innovation are of crucial importance for the development and sustainability of a country. The Dieter Schwarz Foundation has therefore set itself the goal of building on these pillars and promoting lifelong learning. Current focal points include the educational campus in Heilbronn and the nearby Science Center experimenta, where visitors are inspired by science and technology.

Education is our most important raw material

The guiding principle of the founder, Dieter Schwarz – “Education is our most important raw material” – has shaped the work of the foundation since it was established in 1999.


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