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Sarah B. Puschmann

Sarah B. Puschmann is an EMBL science writer. Fueled by her passion for biology, she has covered stories about rafts of floating fire ants, conjoined bat twins, the bizarre guts of sea spiders, and the death of the world’s oldest captive manatee. She has degrees in physics and creative writing.


Articles by Sarah B. Puschmann

With help from an external transcription factor (lavender, peach, and green), Pol III (grey) and its built-in transcription factor (yellow), create a cage around a cell’s DNA (plum). IMAGE: EMBL/Matthias Vorländer

Pol III enzyme grips DNA and begins reading fast

EMBL researchers uncover how a key enzyme that helps cells make new proteins starts its work

By Sarah B. Puschmann


This mouse ovary and these immature eggs (in blue), can be used to study patterns of DNA methylation that affect only females.

Welcome: Matthieu Boulard

New EMBL group leader investigates the mystery of heritable gene silencing

By Sarah B. Puschmann


A photo of new EMBL Heidelberg group leader Aissam Ikmi.

Welcome: Aissam Ikmi

New group leader studies sea anemones to investigate why some animals regenerate better than others

By Sarah B. Puschmann


John Kendrew, c. 1978, visits the site of the EMBL main laboratory in Heidelberg. Photo taken by Frieda Glockner (EMBL Archive / DE 2324 P-GLO)

Molecular biology as a force for peace

Historian Soraya de Chadarevian explores how EMBL’s first Director General shaped molecular biology

By Sarah B. Puschmann

Lab Matters

New research reveals that without cohesin (pictured here), the chromosomes in mouse liver cells still folded on the mega-base scale but didn’t form large-scale compartments

Chromosomes don’t need key protein for all their folds

New research reveals that two different mechanisms are responsible for chromosome folding

By Sarah B. Puschmann


Alasdair McDowall (left), an EMBL research technician 1978-1987, and Jacques Dubochet (right), EMBL group leader 1978-1987, together in Heidelberg

Alasdair McDowall’s slow road to flash freezing

How a research technician with a master’s degree contributed to Nobel Prize-winning work

By Sarah B. Puschmann




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