Proteomics Core Facility

This facility provides a full proteomics infrastructure for the identification and characterisation of proteins.

Sample submission

The Proteomics Core Facility accepts samples from all EMBL Units and other EMBL sites, from EMBO Young Investigators (YIP), and from external users if capacity permits. In all cases, contact the Facility before you send any sample, to discuss your needs and to determine the best approach to prepare and analyse your samples.

To optimise an efficient completion of your project, we ask you to observe the following procedure:

1. Contact the Facility at an early stage

If you consider sending samples to the Facility, contact us in an early stage. This will allow you to explain your biological questions, and us to advise on the best way to prepare your samples and give hints to the experimental design like controls, number of replicates, etc.. We recommend you also have a look at the User Guide, which gives information on sample preparation, protocols, good practice to avoid contamination, DO’s and DON’T’s, and much more.

2. Fill out the Service Request form

We try to minimise any paperwork, but we ask you to fill out and send a Service Request form for all samples. The most important goal is for us to get a solid understanding of your goals and expectations. Provide as much information as you can, since based on this we will design an experimental approach that addresses your question. After sending the form, a facility member gets in touch with you to make sure everything is clear on both sides.

For EMBL internals, please register with your EMBL account in PPMS and fill out the request form online. Login to PPMS.

3. Send your sample

Always inform us when you send off your samples, so that we can be on the lookout and store them appropriately upon arrival. If you send samples on (dry) ice, avoid shipping them over the weekend. Send your samples to the address below; always include a print of the Service Request form.

EMBL Heidelberg
Proteomics Core Facility

*Add here the name of PCF staff you discussed the project
Meyerhofstraße 1
69117 Heidelberg