Traversing European Coastlines

An expedition to study coastal ecosystems and their response to the environment, from molecules to communities

Public Engagement

We aim to engage European citizens along the TREC route and beyond with human & planetary health, fostering active science participation, and empowering educators and young learners. We will show the power of molecular biology in tackling societal challenges, highlighting the connectivity and interaction between humans and the planet as well as the connection between the environments of land and sea.

As TREC is a collaborative, pan-European initiative, we will coordinate our public engagement efforts with many local partners to ensure we broaden our reach and strengthen our partnerships. 

TREC on-site public engagement activities will include:

  • Game-based workshops focused on human & planetary health, for the general public & school groups
  • An exhibition stand to engage with the general public where they are, through activities on microscopes
  • Science talks for and with the general public
  • Guided tours of the mobile lab, Tara boat and marine stations

TREC off-site public engagement activities will include:

  • Digital engagement channels for the general public
  • Virtual science education events for young learners from European countries
  • Virtual continued professional development courses and massive open online courses for European secondary school teachers
  • Face-to-face continued professional development courses for local European secondary school teachers
  • Face-to-face train-the-trainer courses for educators to support local capacity building for teacher training in European countries
  • Online collection of classroom and informal learning resources for educators and young learners

More details about TREC’s public engagement activities will follow. 



image of Sara Verstraeten

Sara Verstraeten

Outreach & Public Engagement Manager