Traversing European Coastlines

An expedition to study coastal ecosystems and their response to the environment, from molecules to communities


Academic support

We are grateful for all the support TREC received so far, including many scientific and in-kind contributions from universities and research institutes. For more information please see our Partners and Projects pages.

Philanthropic and corporate support plays a huge role in realising the full potential of the TREC expedition.

Your support for this one-of-a-kind research expedition will have a direct impact on helping us to find solutions for a healthier planet.

We take great delight in thanking our supporters who are helping us with their donations, gifts-in kind and valuable contributions to realise the full potential of this expedition.

Individual donors and foundations:

Manfred Lautenschläger-Stiftung


Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Eppendorf SE


Ted Pella, Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific