Szilárd Library

Access to scientific literature and resources

Tools & Training

The Szilárd Library offers various tools and training courses to support EMBL researchers and staff in their professional work.

Anti-Plagiarism: To avoid the probability of plagiarism, the Szilárd Library has licensed the plagiarism detection software iThenticate.

Training is one of the pillars of EMBL’s mission statement and it is an equally important value to the strategic planning of the Szilárd Library. The aim of our training program is to provide our scientific staff with skills related to the search, recall and organization of information resources. Training sessions are offered either on a one-to-one basis or in the form of videos and webinars.

Scientific Writing and Publishing: The EMBL Szilárd Library offers access to internal and external resources to improve your writing skills.

Literature & Citations Databases: EuropePMC

Reference Managers: Zotero

Contact us to book one-to-one courses or if you have any suggestions for further tools and training.