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Scientific writing

Manuscript writing

High quality scientific writing is crucial for success in science, both for students and professional scientists. Many things depend from ability to effectively communicate research results, such as publishing an article or the number of citations this article receives.  

Below you can find internal and external resources that will help you to improve your scientific writing skills in order to perform scientific writing process easier and more efficient.

Internal resources

Selected titles

Successful scientific writing: a step-by-step guide for the biological and medical sciences

Matthews JR, Matthews RW. 3rd ed. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press; 2008. xii, 240 p. p.

Writing science: how to write papers that get cited and proposals that get funded

Schimel J. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press; 2012. xiv, 221 p. p.

The scientist's guide to writing: how to write more easily and effectively throughout your scientific career

Heard S. 2016. ix, 306 p.p.

English communication for scientists

Doumont, J. E-book. NPG Education 2006.

External resources

iThinkWell Free templates and planners available to help with your writing, planning and collaboration.

Coursera platform List of courses and specializations on scientific writing

Scientific writing 101 (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 17 (February 1, 2010): 139)

Scientific communication: Writing up (Nature Cell Biology 13 (November 2, 2011): 1281)

Writing well: Lowering the barriers to success (Nature Immunology 15 (July 21, 2014): 695)

Before and after: Scientific writing (Good Science Writing Blog, 2015)

Scientific Writing Made Easy (Bulletin Ecological Society of America, October 13, 2016)

Heuristics for Scientific Writing (Approximately Correct Blog, 2018)

Writing your Thesis

Thesis procedure

After completing their pre-doctoral studies at EMBL, all fellows are kindly asked to submit an electronic copy (pdf format) of their thesis to the Szilard library.

All theses will be catalogued, bound and made publicly available (embargo periods are possible and exceptions can be applied).

Below you can find internal and external resources with instructions and tips on writing the PhD thesis.

Internal resources

Books from the Library collection

How to tame your PhD

Mewburn I. Melbourne: Thesis Whisperer Books; 2012. 121 p. p.

How to prepare a scientific doctoral dissertation based on research articles

Gustavii B. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 2012. x, 93 p. p.

How to write a successful science thesis: the concise guide for students.

Russey WE, EBEL HF, Bliefert C. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH; 2006. x, 223 p. p.

More books about writing a PhD thesis can be found in the Library catalogue.

EMBL Rules and Guidelines regarding PhD theses can be found on EMBL International PhD Programme pages.

External resources

Journal articles and blog posts

How to write your PhD thesis (Science How-To (April 30, 2018)

How to write like a scientist (Science Experimental Error (March 23, 2012)

Top tips about writing your PhD thesis (NatureJobs Blog, August 2014)

An Insider’s Guide On How To Write A Thesis When You’re Short On Time (Cheeky Scientist)

Finishing your PhD thesis: 15 top tips from those in the know (The Guardian 2014)

PhD Thesis Planning and Writing (PhD Research Methods 2011)

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D. (Matt Might)