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6 June 2024


Visit the Seed Library collection of herbal spices and bee flowers seeds at cafeteria and pick up your seed bag and instructions.

3 June 2024

New in the collection (June 2024)

Empowering women in STEM, a new biography of Carl Linnaeus, the role of music in human evolution, effective presentation design and critical reading, bioethics and the posthumanities – browse our latest arrivals

On the occasion of 50th EMBL anniversary, librarians are launching a blog series that will reflect EMBL staff and alumni through Szilárd library collection, like works of Leo Szilárd, legacy collections of EMBL general directors, alumni authors, EMBL research articles and PhD thesis. As once said, EMBL is about people.

Thank to dedicated work of the generations of previous librarians in the past 45 years, Szilárd library collection is a treasury whose value is yet to be discovered and appreciated.

We invite EMBL staff to follow us on this journey and during 2024 to get to know more about publications signed by their EMBL fellows.

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Location: ATC Room B 1703
Email: library@embl.de
Address: Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

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Library and the reading room are located in ATC B29.01 – upper part of the former VIP Lounge/Executive Suite.

To return the books, users are kindly asked to leave them on the trolley at the entrance of the new library.

The EMBL Office for Scientific Information Management (OSIM) provides a hub of expertise on the management of scientific outputs and related services and encompasses the Szilárd Library, EMBL Archive and Records, and EMBL Open Science Support.