Szilárd Library

Access to scientific literature and resources

The Library was opened on the 20th November 1979 and it is named after the Hungarian-American scientist Leo Szilárd, who in part initiated the idea of EMBL.


The Szilárd Library supports EMBL researchers and staff at all six sites.

The Szilárd Library supports and enables EMBL’s research and training in the life sciences through its services, collections, expertise and facilities. By providing access to information resources, fostering Open Science and Open Access and curating EMBL publications the Szilárd Library actively supports the scientific user community throughout the whole research and publishing lifecycle.

3 October 2022

New in collection (10/2022)

According to this year’s theme of International Open Access Week, “Open for Climate Justice”, we bring new books on the topics of open science, environment and human ecology.

1 September 2022

New in the collection (09/2022)

Back from holidays or new to EMBL, here is a warm up for a new school year with the latest editions of classic textbooks and titles on scientific soft skills.

Our team

Library office

Location: ATC Room A19.03
Tel: +49 6221 387-8652
Email: library@embl.de
Address: Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Library & Reading room

Currently the library and the reading room are in process of moving to new space in ATC. Temporary workplaces are set up in rooms 204F and 204G. Books are available upon the request via email library@embl.de. To return the books users are kindly ask to leave them on the trolley in front of the library office ATC 1903.