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The library staff are currently working from home and do their best to maintain normal operations. However, please note that due to the current situation response times are significantly higher than normal. We thank you for your understanding and apologise for the inconvenience. Please note the current rules for the use of the library at the Heidelberg campus.

The Szilárd Library supports EMBL researchers and staff at all six sites.

The Szilárd Library supports and enables EMBL’s research and training in the life sciences through its services, collections, expertise and facilities. By providing access to information resources, fostering Open Science and Open Access and curating EMBL publications the Szilárd Library actively supports the scientific user community throughout the whole research and publishing lifecycle.

2 May 2022

New in the collection (May 2022)

In May, we would like to introduce new books that focus on topics like Tech Mining, developmental biology of invertebrates, cellular ageing or mitochondrial research. We also recommend new introductory books on genetics and microbiology.

4 April 2022

New in the collection (April 2022)

In April we present innovative books on SRS microscopy and AI applications in pharmaceutics, newly published handbook on lipid membranes, latest edition of Lewin’s genes and Chikungunya virus of CTMI series, new interpretation of humanity’s path to control over infectious disease, and more.

1 March 2022

New in the collection (March 2022)

New March arrivals bring scientific topics about cell biology, histology, genetics and development, answer questions about climate change, our immune system, ethical decisions on the environment, vaccination, or offer an understanding of surface science.

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