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Cryo-Confocal Imaging

LSM900 Airyscan2

The LSM900 Airyscan2 from ZEISS is equipped with an Linkam cryo stage and configured for high-resolution confocal imaging of fluorescent sample. The Airyscan module enables super-resolution imaging without introducing high laser power or devitrifying the sample under liquid nitrogen temperature. In combination with the cryo Linkam stage, it is able to accommodate frozen samples on plunge-frozen EM grids or high-pressure frozen planchettes.  The sample holder that fits both, the Linkam stage as well as the ZEISS Crossbeam enables the correlation between fluorescent light and scanning electron microscope. 


  • Imaging frozen sample under cryogenic temperature
  • Full grid montage tiling 
  • Triple / quadruple filter sets enables multi-channel imaging simultaneously
  • Airyscan super-resolution imaging
  • Correlative workflow from light to electron microscope


  • Calibri 7 LED source that covers 7 fluorescent channels (385, 430, 475, 555, 590, 630 and 735nm)
  • 4 laser sources (405, 488, 561 and 641nm)
  • Filter sets 90HE, 92HE, 110HE and 77HE
  • Airyscan calibrated 100x/0.75 air objective to achieve 250nm lateral resolution
Credit: Anna Steyer/EMBL.
Plankton: Acantharia (marine skeleton-bearing planktonic protists that form a monophyletic taxon among radiolarians within the super-group Rhizaria). Plunge frozen and imaged with LSM900 cryo. Green: autofluorescence of host, red: chlorophyll of symbionts (microalgae). Sample courtesy: Charlotte le Kieffre and Johan Decelle. Credit: Anna Steyer/EMBL.
Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.
Zeiss LSM900 Airyscan2 with Linkam cryo stage. Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.