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Informing, inspiring, and engaging society with EMBL’s research, services and training

As a publicly funded organisation, EMBL has both a responsibility and an interest to feed back on its work by communicating its innovative research programmes and cutting-edge science, and bringing the questions, concerns and responses of the public to the laboratory.



Tabea Rauscher

Corporate design sprint 4

In previous Corporate Design sprints we defined font, colours and logo positioning. In the fourth corporate design sprint (CDSprint 4), which kicked off last week, we want to explore the very first applications of these elements together to shape a consistent new look and feel across different…

Mark Boulton

Digital Release Phases

Delivering digital products used to be about working in a ‘waterfall’ way: first gathering requirements, then writing lengthy technical specifications, drawing Gant charts, estimating delays and expense and so on. Maybe something would get released at some point. Maybe it would be good.…

Tabea Rauscher

On EMBL’s graphic design history

“Look back to move forwards” is a well-known saying. Thus, I recently turned to EMBL’s archivist, Anne-Flore Laloë, who helped me to search EMBL’s amazing archive to learn how EMBL has depicted itself through the years. Maybe knowing more about our first visual identity could help us…

Dan Noyes

Doing and enabling

In our communications for EMBL, we have traditionally highlighted what EMBL does: research, training, services and so on. As I have said before, what EMBL does in each of these areas is not unique in the life sciences. Efforts to describe what we do as unique will therefore rely on things that are…

Verena Viarisio

The EMBL Imaging Centre: all about visibility

The future EMBL Imaging Centre will be a technology platform for state-of-the-art microscopy at EMBL Heidelberg. It will allow scientists and industry to use and develop new microscopy techniques to visualise the smallest building blocks of life, and thus its basic processes. The EMBL Imaging…

Iris Kruijen

Press office sprint 1: journalist personas

Sprinting – running at full speed over a short distance. That’s what the word meant to me before joining EMBL on 2 November 2017. Who would’ve thought that merely six weeks later, I would actually be leading an Agile sprint focusing on journalist personas? Not me. But I truly enjoyed the…

Tabea Rauscher

A colour scheme for EMBL

The combination of logo, typeface and colour across different communications channels is at the heart of a distinct corporate design. In the last corporate design sprint, CDsprint 3, we turned our attention to colour.

Dan Noyes

New team members

Chloë dropped in to say hello today – she’s been on maternity leave since the summer. There were so many introductions to make, so many new team members to meet! It’s prompted me to put together this post to welcome the amazing new people that have joined the Strategy and…

Tabea Rauscher

Is it sometimes ok to retouch scientific images?

We’re all familiar with the controversy that the use of photoshop to alter images of womens’ bodies in the media can cause. Whether the purpose is to smooth a wrinkle or tuck in a tummy, many people intuitively feel ‘improving’ an image is wrong and public debate about the…