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Editorial theme: Curiosity

Oana Stroe

A good editorial theme is interesting, memorable and strikes a chord. The aim is to attract and inspire readers to do something. Last, but not least, it should be inspirational and speak to our readers about the one thing they care about — their future. Read more about why we are introducing…

Introducing editorial themes

Adam Gristwood

Editorial themes are something that we have used to tie the EMBLetc magazine together in recent editions. Themes spark intrigue, provide focus and allow us to capture great stories from the most unexpected places. We are now planning to expand this concept to inspire stories and other content…

Mapping brand structure to support communication

Ken Hawkins

During EMBL’s 43 years it has grown in size, scope and geography. Today EMBL has six sites, many activity areas and focuses on five related but distinct missions. There is a very strong unifying concept at the core of EMBL. However, during those years of growth a solid conceptual view of how…

Our Design Principles

Mark Boulton

The design sprint that started a couple of weeks ago began with the team describing their visions, their ideas, and thoughts of what a new EMBL corporate design could look and feel like. Central to describing and understanding why something looks the way it does are our design principles. Many…

Name it for what it does

Ken Hawkins

A lesson re-learned in naming GitHub repos  As part of the Corporate Design sprint, we had need to set up a GitHub team and repositories to home and share work on the EMBL Design Language and Design Lab (more on what those are in a future post). As an abstract task, it’s easy. Except what…

CD-Sprint 1: getting excited about the brand

Tabea Rauscher

Our framework for the first week is to focus on the brand map as well as the brand strategy and related initial design principles. We started with a brainstorming session, so called “the first burst”. That implies answering questions like “what do we need”, “what are the blockers”,…

CD1: on EMBL’s brand

Tabea Rauscher

The word “brand” has become a common word in our daily language, but it is used in different contexts with different meanings. The word has its origin in ranching, when branding marks were seared into an animal’s skin to identify its owner. Television and print advertising saw the word being…

Intra1: outcomes of the first intranet research sprint

Dan Noyes

The purpose of intra1 was to understand how people currently use EMBL’s intranets. Specifically, we wanted to: Understand audience behaviours Define audience segments Define the functions and the scope of EMBL’s intranets Inform the EMBL community about projects to rebuild EMBL’s core…

Strategy and Communications: one year in

Anna-Lynn Wegener

Last week, Dan and I got a chance to present the work of the Strategy and Communications team to EMBL’s senior management, at the meeting of the Scientific Strategy and Management Advisory Committee (SSMAC) in Hamburg. It’s approximately one year since the Strategy and…

Why design matters

Tabea Rauscher

In the 20th Century the Modernists believed that good design was about usefulness, how well an object performed its function. For others, good design is more subjective, it’s about style and taste. I see it a little differently: I define design as the deliberate creation of value for an…