Design guidelines

How EMBL presents itself visually to the public

The system contains basic information about EMBL branding including colours, typography, and guidelines for the use of the EMBL logo. You will find onboarding tools, design templates and practical resources on the EMBL Design System (EDS) website.


Design Guidelines


See how to use the logo correctly and download it here


For information on creating micro-sites and group pages in WordPress.


These guidelines are intended for people creating EMBL designs and content. They are a set of rules (which must be followed) and recommendations (which you should follow if possible) to make on-brand products. These guidelines are directional for the brand, but do not describe good design or user experience, which should be carefully considered separately and in context.

For questions, including advice and approvals, contact the Creative team design@embl.org.

For questions related to web, contact the Digital team digital-comms@embl.org


The Creative team also maintains a library of templates and resources on the intranet for multiple communication needs at EMBL.


What is corporate design?

It is the manner in which an organisation presents itself visually to the public.

What is its main purpose?

  1. To facilitate identification of the organisation
  2. To differentiate it from other institutes
  3. To define a coherent design system across all channels

There are four core elements to the EMBL design as it is expressed visually:

  1. EMBL logo
  2. Typeface
  3. Colours
  4. Graphical elements

In addition we offer guidelines on:

  • Basic design principles to help you apply the core elements in an informed and effective way
  • Web guidelines for the development of micro-sites and group pages