Alumni Relations

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We want your research and career to continue to flourish after you’ve left EMBL. That’s why we support alumni across Europe and beyond with our networks and expertise, training opportunities, facilities, services, and travel grants.

Margarida Amaral

Professor, Faculty of Sciences

University of Lisbon

“Being an EMBL alumna means being updated with EMBL activities which constitute an inspiration for my own institute” 

Anne-Ruth Plueck-Becklas

Head of Mouse Engineering Facility

University of Cologne, Germany

“Apart from good science the aspect of good training (also of teachers) and discussion of science and society questions cannot be taken important enough in our days. The training centre at EMBL is a great opportunity to make further achievements in this field.”

How EMBL supports you

Read how EMBL supports you, browse the links below and register with the EMBL Alumni Association to receive EMBL news and updates.

Alumni Mentorship programme

The EMBL Alumni Mentorship programme allows mentors to support and inspire fellow scientists, science communicators and administrators at all stages in their careers.

Training and facilities

Browse our rich calendar of courses and conferences, and access EMBL facilities.

Training and facilities

Get the support you need to organise your own events.


Apply for financial assistance to access EMBL courses and conferences, available to outstanding scientists from countries developing their scientific programmes.

Industry Relations

Extend EMBL’s impact on the future of science by introducing your company and/or industry contacts to the EMBL’s industry programmes.

Careers and Jobs after EMBL

Browse exclusive job opportunities and widen your professional network by connecting with fellow EMBL alumni.

For alumni

Benefits available to former EMBL staff through EMBL Alumni Association membership.

Various benefits are available to you as a former EMBL staff member. To browse and advertise jobs, visit the EMBL Alumni group on LinkedIn (search for ‘EMBL alumni’ under ‘groups’). To access core facility special rates or request an EMBL Alumni Lunch card, please email alumni [at] embl.org.