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EMBL Alumni Relations in 2021: a year of growth

We’d like to share our deepest gratitude for the support given to EMBL by its alumni in 2021 — as members of the EMBL Alumni Association and, where relevant, as volunteers, ambassadors, participants and donors. Former staff are consistently staying in touch and making a real difference for EMBL, and for that we are extremely appreciative. 

Thanks to the generous volunteering efforts of alumni, EMBL was able to gain valuable insight and advice; conduct review panels, board meetings and community events such as Coffee with EMBL; and offer training, initiatives and resources for the community, including the 6-month pilot EMBL Alumni Mentorship Programme.

With the inspirational stories, successes, and feedback provided by former staff, we were able to shine the spotlight again and again on the impact of EMBL and its people.

Moreover, thousands of alumni attended EMBL courses, conferences and events throughout 2021, learning, and sharing their knowledge and contributing to thoughtful discourse.

By approaching a few alumni to share our hopes and aims for the Friends of EMBL Programme, we were able to kindle alumni giving this year and were delighted to welcome several new alumni members.

In 2021, EMBL remained committed to serving its alumni – and the wider life sciences community – through outstanding research, services, and training. Find out more about the resources available.

We look forward to continued and widened alumni collaborations with EMBL’s newest five-year Programme: Molecules to Ecosystems, just launched in 2022.

By expanding EMBL’s alumni relations offerings and providing even more opportunities for former staff to engage, we have seen more than 2,100 alumni get involved via volunteering, event attendance, communications, and philanthropy in 2021 – an increase on previous years.

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