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Alumni Relations

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Together, We Can Make a Difference

Those who have worked for EMBL know the enormous power of its people, its ethos and its way of doing things.

For nearly 50 years, our scientists have made major breakthroughs by approaching the mysteries of life with curiosity and openness. EMBL research has brought us closer to solving some of society’s greatest challenges, such as infectious disease and environmental degradation.

In addition to its core funding, EMBL needs philanthropic support to fully harness this enormous potential and address areas of greatest need, as well as enhance existing projects. There are many ways you can support EMBL financially, all of which have an important impact. Every contribution offers additional resource, as well as encouraging and mobilising the wider community to lend their support.

Regardless of your capacity, and whatever fuels your passion, you can make a real difference, from community fundraising activities like the Environmental Research Initiative (ERI), to larger annual donations for the Friends of EMBL programme, to major gifts and legacies.

Scroll down to learn more about the philanthropic opportunities available and read testimonials from alumni supporters.

Friends of EMBL

Funds raised collectively by Friends of EMBL members are actively driving innovative projects chosen by the EMBL Director General every year. Those selected represent the areas of greatest scientific and societal opportunity and need, enabling us go even further and even faster in our aim to make the world a better place. Find out more

“EMBL is critical for Europe, so anything we can do to support it is good for Europe.”

– Luis Serrano, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) Director and former EMBL Heidelberg Unit Head

The Environmental Research Initiative (ERI)

Launched at EMBL in 2020, ERI is addressing some of the urgent environmental challenges facing us today. It provides financial support to EMBL scientists seeking to better understand and tackle these challenges through harnessing the power of EMBL’s collaborative culture and cutting-edge resources. In 2022, we aim to fully fund one ERI catalyst project via the alumni community. Find out more

“EMBL is well-placed, within its existing networks, to deepen and deploy the understanding of molecular biology to help combat climate change as it affects the environment, the biodiversity of life, food chains, human disease and wellbeing.  Supporting EMBL is one way of supporting these endeavours.”

– Mark Green, EMBL Alumni Association board member and former EMBL-EBI Head of Administration

Major gifts and legacies

Through major gifts and legacy giving, alumni can significantly help to advance EMBL’s aims, allowing us to attract and nurture the best minds, equip them to do their best work and advance life sciences across Europe. Gifts of this type can be transformational, funding new facilities and technologies and facilitating opportunities that may otherwise have been beyond our reach.

To find out more about giving to EMBL or discuss any of the above, please contact:

Joana Witkowski, EMBL Head of Resource Development


Mehrnoosh Rayner, EMBL Head of Alumni Relations

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