Alumni Relations

Connecting, engaging and nurturing EMBLs global community of current and former scientists, technicians, communicators and administrators


Our alumni are EMBL’s very best ambassadors. Through shouting about your connection to EMBL, recommending us and staying up to date with the latest news, you can amplify our impact and make a big contribution.

Vera van Noort


KU Leuven, Belgium

“Being at EMBL has taught me the immense value of continuously presenting your research to others and to receive feedback (positive and negative) which in the end helps lead to breakthrough scientific discoveries.” 

Danny Huylebroeck

Head of Department/Professor

ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“All-inclusive institutional spirit, strong scientific interaction and exchange, and excellent scientific training as important co-foundations of further professional building.” 

Be an ambassador

Check that you are a member of the Alumni Association (by searching your name in the EMBL search box), and update your profile.

Mention EMBL in your biographies, social media profiles and articles about you.

Learn about the current EMBL Programme: Molecules to Ecosystems.

Read EMBL’s introductory brochure and familiarise yourself with our unique story.

Strengthen EMBL’s reputation

Recommend EMBL as a great place to work and promote its resources.

Share your discoveries, achievements and awards on your alumni profile or by emailing us.

Evidence the global impact of EMBL alumni


If you would like to find out more about any of these initiatives or wish to contribute,
please contact Alumni Relations Officer Tom Furnival-Adams.