Alumni Relations

Meet and connect with the EMBL Community, find out how EMBL Resources can benefit you, Make a difference to EMBL with your time, expertise, networks or through giving


Alumni are making a huge difference by supporting EMBL as mentors, facilitators, advisors, panel members, conference organisers and more. Find out how you can get involved, for your benefit and ours.

The success of the EMBL Alumni Relations programme is built on the work of alumni volunteers who hold defined roles that support EMBL. These include roles as EMBL Alumni Association board members, event hosts, co-organisers and speakers, mentors and reviewers. If you would like to learn more, or offer your time, please contact Ruairi McEvoy, EMBL Alumni Volunteer Officer.

The volunteers list shows all who have held a meaningful role in supporting EMBL and the Alumni Relations programme. The donors list shows all who have made a financial contribution to EMBL and / or the EMBL Alumni Fund through alumni-related initiatives and activities.