Two X-ray mirrors installed in the macromolecular crystallography beamline P14 at EMBL Hamburg. The mirrors are visible in the photo as dark rectangular crystal blocks, with two metal holders supporting the crystals in a stress-free position. The mirrors are inserted into a vacuum-compatible stainless steel vessel.

Mirror, mirror

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg use specially designed mirrors to reflect and focus X-ray beams onto tiny crystals made of proteins or other biological…

By Dorota Badowska

Picture of the week

Beamline Hamburg

Shining high-brilliance beams on coronavirus structure

EMBL researchers are studying COVID-19-related molecules by exposing them to high-brilliance X-ray beams. The Svergun group at EMBL Hamburg is using…

By Adam Gristwood


Happy hour for time-resolved crystallography

Researchers from Hamburg simplify time-resolved X-ray…

By Guest author(s)


Infographic on how X-RAY crystallography works. IMAGE: Tobias Wüstefeld

Time-resolved X-ray crystallography simplified

Speeding up time-resolved X-ray crystallography with EMBL beamline…

By Guest author(s)


IMAGE: Manon Boschard

X-rays reveal surprising shape of scaffolding protein

X-ray experiments show that scaffolding protein PDZK1 has a L-shaped…

By Iris Kruijen


New Facility for Structural Biology to investigate the molecules of life with powerful synchrotron radiation

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has awarded 8.8 Million Euro to the Hamburg Outstation of the European Molecular…

By Guest author(s)

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