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Skin mosaic

This beautiful mosaic of mostly hexagonal cells is the outer skin layer of a zebrafish larva as seen under a microscope. Each skin cell exhibits a unique pattern of actin ridges. Actin is a family of globular multifunctional proteins found in almost all eukaryotic cells. Actin forms microfilaments, which are seen as yellow lines in […]

By Jodie Haigh

Picture of the week

Mouse skin samples of the rare genetic skin disease amyloidosis, before light treatment (left) and after treatment (right). The arrows indicate aggregates of debris, which cause the skin to become rough and uncomfortable. Upon treatment these aggregates are reduced, allowing the skin to heal. IMAGES: Paul Heppenstall and Linda Nocchi / EMBL

Using light to stop itch

EMBL researchers have found a way to stop itch with light in mice

By Iris Kruijen


Managing chronic pain with light

Scientists at EMBL Rome develop new method that uses light to manage neuropathic pain in mice

By Iris Kruijen



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