Automated sample changer and diffractometer at the ID30B X-ray crystallography beamline at ESRF Grenoble.

Facilitating COVID-19 structural biology research

EMBL and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) restart the activities of the Joint Structural Biology Group in Grenoble to support…

By Marius Bruer


Atomic proportions

EMBL and ESRF scientists and mechanics work together on upgrade for one of Europe’s big X-ray…

By Rosemary Wilson


Florent Cipriani (right) developed CrystalDirect™ together with Josan Marquez (left) PHOTO: EMBL

The man behind the machine

Florent Cipriani talks about his passion for developing beamline…

By Rosemary Wilson


CrystalDirect robot control software: signal from a video camera monitoring the laser working area within a microplate (centre), used to locate the aperture (green trace) and cutting shape (red line), and to select final position of pin tip relative to the crystal (red oval). IMAGE: Zander, U, et al.

Crystals in the beamlight

CrystalDirect, developed at EMBL, automates crystal preparation for X-ray…

By Isabelle Kling


From mountains to molecules

Staff, alumni, partners and more meet at EMBL Grenoble to celebrate Outstation's 40th…

By Adam Gristwood


MASSIF step forward

In two months, 2.3 million diffraction images collected on new, fully automated ESRF/EMBL…

By Guest author(s)


Forty things that make EMBL – Part 1

As the Lab turns 40, staff and alumni share 40 things that make EMBL,…

By Adam Gristwood

Lab Matters

The future’s bright

Surprising protein from a flu-like virus is 10 000th ESRF…

By Claire Ainsworth



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