The image shows the beamline P12 at EMBL Hamburg. In the centre, several cylindrical elements are connected into a pipe-like structure. In the front, it is connected to a white box-shaped device, and several smaller devices and cables visible around. There is also a grid visible around the beamline.

EMBL facilities support development of RNA vaccines

Biotechnology company BioNTech and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz conduct collaborative research with EMBL scientists at the beamline P12 in…

By Dorota Badowska


Teresa Sardón and Marco Milán

EMBL in Spain: a wide vision of science

EMBL Barcelona will host the 2019 EMBL in Spain…

By Fabian Oswald


Beamline 14’s legacy

Beamline BM14 in Grenoble shuts down, continues collaboration with…

By Margaux Phares

Lab Matters

SPIM image of Medaka juveniles. Photo: EMBL/Philipp Keller

Thinking in 3D

Ernst Stelzer earns 2016 Lennart Philipson award for advances in light sheet…

By Margaux Phares


Ocean Sampling Day 2014

Capturing marine biodiversity

Data from first ever worldwide Ocean Sampling Day will be shared via EMBL-EBI resources this…

By Mary Todd Bergman


The new microscope that developed by scientists at EMBL, which can follow single molecules by the millisecond Credit: EMBL/H.Neves.

Live from the scene: biochemistry in action

Researchers can now watch molecules move in living cells, literally millisecond by millisecond, thanks to a new microscope developed by scientists at…

By Guest author(s)



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