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IMAGE: Anna Steyer / EMBL

The hexagons visible in this Picture of the Week are the eyes of an ordinary housefly, visualised with a scanning electron microscope. Former staff member Anna Steyer, who captured this brilliant image, has coloured seven of the receptor areas of the eye to create a stylised version of the EMBL logo.

The eyes of the fly illustrate the EMBL idea that “seeing is understanding”. Only by making the microscopic world visible with the help of different types of microscopes can we learn how our world works on its tiniest scales and how these processes influence our macroscale world.

EMBL’s mission is to explore this microscopic world, to provide the technologies allowing this in the first place and to distribute both the technological know-how and the knowledge gained to other researchers all over the world.

If you have a stunning picture of your science, your lab or your site, you can submit it here.

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