Edith Heard awarded Grand Prix Inserm 2017

EMBL Director General elect, Edith Heard, awarded 2017’s Grand Prix Inserm for her work in epigenetics

Portrait of Edith Heard
PHOTO: Delapierre Patrick/Inserm

The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) has honoured Edith Heard with the prestigious Grand Prix Inserm 2017 for her work in epigenetics. Through the award, Inserm, which focuses on human health and medical research, recognises Heard’s contribution to the advancement of epigenetics, in particular research she has led on X-chromosome inactivation in mammals during development.

Heard is currently a professor at the Collège de France, holding the Chair of Epigenetics and Cellular Memory. Since 2010, she has been Director of the Genetic and Developmental Biology department at the Curie Institute in Paris, France. In June this year, she was appointed as EMBL’s fifth Director General and will begin her term in January 2019.

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