Issue 100

Online Magazine of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Organs-on-chip: new horizons for disease research

Groundbreaking technologies help researchers study disease development in context

EMBL Barcelona researchers are studying how tissues develop both in healthy and diseased states using organoids and 3D multicellular systems to mimic human organs and their functions.

Science illustration representing research on organoids, organs-on-chip, and human health. The abstract composition shows several elements representing research into organoids and microphysiological systems, and their intertwined role in understanding health and disease.

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A computer showing the EMBLetc. homepage open, with a few EMBLetc. magazines and postcards nearby.

A trip down memory lane

EMBLetc., the online magazine of Europe’s life sciences laboratory, celebrates its 24th birthday with its 100th issue. We took a walk through the past issues of this dynamic publication, and here are 10 recurring themes that emerged.

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Behind the scenes of innovation

EMBL Grenoble technology teams provide a sneak peek into their latest collaborative project in structural biology services: the complete automation of an integral step in X-ray crystallography.

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In pictures: the story of TREC

EMBL’s newest expedition attempts to answer some of the biggest questions in planetary biology, and will help scientists find solutions to pressing global concerns.

A section of electron microscopy volume of a Platynereis larvae. Different colours mark different cell groups.

Visualising biology: new tools of the trade

EMBL researchers are pushing the frontiers of big data analysis in biological imaging, allowing scientists to gain a many-layered and multidimensional view of organisms, tissues, and cells in action.

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Merging science and theatre

Veli Vural Uslu, winner of the 2023 John Kendrew award, chats about his journey in science and his adventures in science communication. Uslu is the writer, director, and organiser of various science-themed theatre plays, and the founder of TAP (The Awesome Potatoes) Science Theater Heidelberg.

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Awards and honours (Issue 100)

The work and excellence of EMBL researchers have been recognised with multiple awards and honours during the past six months. Here are some of the awardees.

Science illustration representing research on organoids, organs-on-chip and human health. The image shows an abstract composition of several elements referring to the tools and some areas of research covered at EMBL Barcelona, featured on the cover of the 100th issue of EMBL etc.

Celebrating 100 issues of EMBLetc.

First published in 1999 as a black-and-white printed newsletter for EMBL staff and alumni, EMBLetc. has undergone many transformations in its 24 years of existence.


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