Zimmermann-Kogadeeva Group

Multi-omics-based modelling of microbial ecosystems

Open positions

Joining the lab

Are you interested in combining computational and experimental approaches to investigate metabolic adaptations in bacteria and microbial community interactions?

Currently, there are opportunities to join our team as a postdoctoral researcher, PhD student, or master’s student.

Post-doctoral fellows

Successful candidates are expected to take a strong lead on their project and to develop independent ideas. Experience in one or more of the following areas is required: computational biology, bioinformatics, metabolomics and metabolism, microbiology, bacterial genetics, molecular biology, chemical biology, or machine learning. Current work in the lab ranges from large-scale experimental screening projects using multi-omics approaches to projects aimed at developing computational methods to quantify and predict microbial community dynamics and interactions with the environment and the host.

To apply, please contact Maria Zimmermann-Kogadeeva by email and attach your CV, contact details of at least two referees, and a brief motivation letter describing your research background, scientific interests, and future career plans.

PhD and master’s students

Students will have the opportunity to work on multidisciplinary projects and to train in computational and experimental approaches to study metabolism of single bacteria, and metabolic interactions within microbial communities and between the microbiota and its host. Students are expected to be highly motivated to work on challenging research questions in an international team and collaborative environment.

PhD applicants: Please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Master’s students: Please take a look at the information pages for visitors and undergraduates and email your CV and a brief motivation letter directly to Maria Zimmermann-Kogadeeva.