van Gestel Group

Evolution of microbial development

At EMBL from October 2022.

Open Positions

Join our team!

Are you keen on exploring microbial development in the context of predator-prey evolution with a team of international researchers? We are seeking highly-motivated researchers from all career stages (undergraduates, PhD, Postdocs) with strong backgrounds in molecular biology, bioinformatics, developmental biology, microbiology or evolutionary biology. We provide a highly dynamical, interdisciplinary, and supportive research environment, embedded in the vibrant research community of EMBL. Please send your CV and motivation letter to Jordi van Gestel via email or reach out for any informal enquiries.

Fellow opportunities

We are participating in both the EMBL-HZI Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme and EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD) Programme. Please contact Jordi van Gestel to explore the collaborative research opportunities that these fellowships provide and to discuss any project ideas.