Saka Group

Spatial biology from molecules to tissues: high-dimensional investigation of cellular organisation

Open positions

Joining the lab

Currently there are opportunities to join our research group as a visiting scientist, MSc student, PhD student, or postdoctoral researcher.

Applicants for postdoctoral positions

To apply, please contact Sinem by email and attach your CV and a brief motivation letter describing your background and particular research interests. We encourage candidates to develop their own ideas. Current project interests include:

  •  Developing new tools and methods for labelling and barcoding biomolecules to enable:
    • Spatial omics applications.
    • High-throughput phenotypic profiling of cells and tissues.
    • Correlative imaging (combining fluorescence microscopy with electron microscopy or mass spectrometry imaging).
    • Probing of protein–RNA–DNA interactions.
  • Studying spatial heterogeneity and regulation of subcellular spatial organisation (nuclei, organelles, condensates).
  • Deciphering high-dimensional phenotypes in cancer, neurodegeneration, and ageing.

Experience with microscopy, data analysis, biochemistry, and/or cell biology is beneficial, but we also welcome interdisciplinary backgrounds (computational, chemistry, biophysics).

We participate in the EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD) programme, which provides a great framework for postdoctoral trainees to perform interdisciplinary research across multiple EMBL groups and to gain independence. We are also part of the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance. Our group is happy to support applications for these collaborative funding opportunities and other external fellowships. We are open to international and industry collaborations.

Applicants for PhD positions

Are you motivated to work on cutting-edge research projects collaboratively in an international team? Please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Visitors and MSc students

Please have a look at the pages for visitors and undergraduates and send your CV and a brief motivation letter to Sinem Saka directly.

For all other questions and expressions of interest, please contact Sinem by email.