Metabolomics Core Facility

This facility provides services for analysis of metabolites and lipids.

The facility is equipped with a high-resolution mass spectrometry system (HRMS) coupled with liquid chromatography (UHPLC) and direct infusion (NanoMate) for separation and detection of various classes of small molecules, metabolites and lipids.


Major projects and accomplishments

  • Identification and detection of various classes of small molecules, metabolites, and lipids in mammalian and microbial cells
  • EMBL-MCF mass spectral library from over 700 metabolites
  • Lipidomics profiling platform for comprehensive analysis of lipid species from multiple lipid classes (e.g. glycerols (TGs, DGs), phospholipids, free fatty acids, etc)
  • Developed protocols to analyze over 100 metabolites in a targeted manner
  • Relative quantitation of metabolites and lipids using internal standards
  • Analysis of drugs and related metabolites

We provide services for mass spectrometry-based analysis of small molecules, metabolites and lipids.

We perform targeted and untargeted measurements of various classes of molecules ranging from small metabolites to lipids in a variety of biological matrices.

Further services

  • Global untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics profiling
  • Targeted metabolomics profiling
  • Free fatty acid analysis
  • Metabolite and lipid identification using MS and MS/MS analysis
  • Drug and drug metabolite analysis
  • Low-volume high-throughput direct infusion analysis (with Advion Nanomate)

Acknowledgment and Authorship

As per EMBL Internal Publication Policy (No. 63); if the facility services were used in work described in a publication, the facility must be acknowledged. For acknowledgment, the following statement must be added:

We acknowledge the support of the EMBL Metabolomics Core Facility (MCF) in the acquisition and analysis of mass spectrometry data.

In addition, if a staff member of the Metabolomics Core Facility contributes substantially to a published work, the staff member should be included as an author in the published work.


Metabolomics Core Facility
EMBL Heidelberg,
Meyerhofstraße 1,
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +49 6221 387-8705

E-mail: mcf@embl.de