Macromolecular Crystallography

The call for 2022 regular beamtime proposals is now closed.
For submitting a rolling access proposal for SAXS and/or MX beamtime, please go to smis.embl-hamburg.de.
For COVID-19 related proposals, rapid access is available and can be requested by contacting the user office.

EMBL Hamburg operates two beamlines for macromolecular X-ray crystallography, P13 and P14, at the PETRA III storage ring at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) coordinated by Thomas R. Schneider. On P14, a second end-station “T-REXX” for pump-probe time-resolved crystallography is in operation since October 2018.

Appyling for beamtime

Access to the EMBL Hamburg beamlines is available to all research groups, and is prioritised on scientific grounds only. Project proposals for beamline access are evaluated by the Project Evaluation Committee. Users are invited to apply for beamline access by submitting a proposal to the EMBL Hamburg submission system SMIS.