Macromolecular Crystallography

Beamline P14.EH2

Time-resolved Crystallography ‘T-REXX’

A second endstation dedicated to pump-probe time-resolved macromolecular crystallography, T-REXX (Time-resolved experiments with crystallography), is in operation on the EMBL beamline P14 on PETRA III since late 2018. The development and the construction of the endstation was realized in a collaborative project between Hamburg University (Arwen Pearson) and EMBL Hamburg (Thomas R. Schneider) funded by a collaborative ‘Verbundforschung’ grant from the German Ministry for Research and Education, BMBF.

The endstation features a fixed energy (12.7 keV) beam with a flux of ~2 x 1012 ph/s through a 15 x 10 µm2 cross section. While the endstation is not equipped with a standard diffractometer, it offers various means for beam conditioning, and pre-installed lasers and laser-optics.  The sample space is open and accessible so that different sample presentation and/or pump-probe technologies can be installed.

As the T-REXX endstation is physically separated from the first endstation of P14, elaborate and time-consuming setup works for pump-probe time-resolved experiments can be performed without impeding the standard user operation on beamline P14. Only once the instrumentation for a time-resolved experiment is in place, the beam is then guided to the T-REXX endstation.

T-REXX Endstation with a crystallographic chip
T-REXX Endstation with a crystallographic chip featuring ca. 20000 well for storing protein micro-crystals mounted on an xy-table. Foto: EMBL/Kinga Lubowiecka


8/2019: A newspiece appeared in EMBLetc.

An explanation of time-resolved serial crystallography.

The ideas behind building the new T-REXX endstation are explained in a news piece in EMBLetc: Taking crystallography to the fourth dimension.


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