Erzberger Group

Theory of cellular and multicellular organisation

Fellow opportunities

The following collaborations from our lab provide opportunities for prospective postdoctoral fellows to conduct interdisciplinary research.

Please contact Anna Erzberger to discuss your project ideas. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with additional suggestions of project directions.

  • Gautam Dey, EMBL Heidelberg: Ciliate hydrodynamics
  • Caren Norden, IGC Portugal: Nuclear mechanics
  • Flora Vincent, EMBL Heidelberg: Size dynamics of diatoms
  • Hanh Vu, EMBL Heidelberg: Body size control, planarian tissue mechanics
  • Thomas Quail, EMBL Heidelberg: Droplet physics and chromatin
  • Jordi van Gestel, EMBL Heidelberg: Evolution of fruiting body mechanics
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