Erzberger Group

Theory of cellular and multicellular organisation


Mechanochemical symmetry breaking during morphogenesis of lateral-line sensory organs.

Erzberger A*, Jacobo A*, Dasgupta A, Hudspeth AJ Nature Physics (2020)


Cell and tissue morphology determine actin-dependent nuclear migration mechanisms in neuroepithelia.

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Notch-mediated determination of hair-bundle polarity in mechanosensory hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line.

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Cortical flow aligns actin filaments to form a furrow.

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Force transmission during adhesion-independent migration.

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Genetic redundancy strengthens the circadian clock leading to a narrow entrainment range.

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Potential and limits in detecting altitudinal movements of bats using stable hydrogen isotope ratios of fur keratin.

Erzberger A, Lisseanu APG, Lehmann GU, Voigt CC Acta Chiropterologica (2011)


*Equal contribution